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Melanchoholics - A Single Act of Carelessness
Dark Ambient Electronics... with minimal guitar 
melodies and drones.

Wake up with a thousand dreams and visions all shattered to dust... Join the noonday demons!

dbcd04    CD

private orders: 12EUR/14.50USD postpaid. 
wholesale orders: 9EUR/11USD. 

Oscotarach v/a

industrial & dark ambient split album. 4 bands. 4 vinyl sides.

Featuring : Skalpell, Spherical Disrupted, Carsten Vollmer, hidden technology
dbvn04   double 12" heavy vinyl

private orders :
16 EUR / 20 USD
wholesale orders :
11 EUR / 13.5 USD
Mürnau - Recoil 7"
Mürnau - Recoil
Angry distorted rhythms at the very edge between power electronics and rhythm & noise.
Agressive vocals full of hate and desparation. A soundtrack for the mental asylum and material for the ambitious industrial dancefloor alike...

dbvn02   7" heavy vinyl

private orders:
8 EUR/9.5 USD postpaid
wholesale orders:
5 EUR/6 USD.
Skalpell - In between
Skalpell - In between

From harsh noise sculptures symbolizing the suffering and disease of the mentally over-evoluted human race... 
to meditative and repetitive sonic paradigms which open the door to passive resistance.

dbcd03    CD

sold out !

deafness is not a gift deafness is not a gift  v/a

international noise/industrial/power electronics compilation with:

Anemone Tube, Cazzodio, Death Squad, DL, Einleitungszeit, Government Alpha, Grunt, Irikarah, Lefthandeddecision, Macronympha, Mourmansk150, Mürnau (ex Eisengrau), Narbenerde, Rectal Surgery, Satori, Skalpell 

dbcd02    CD

private orders: 12EUR/14.50USD postpaid. 
wholesale orders: 9EUR/11USD.


Rectal Surgery / Carsten Vollmer
 Rectal Surgery / Carsten Vollmer

Actually I tried to fuck his girlfriend   /  Tonbandprotokolle

Split 7" 

dbvn01    7" vinyl 

sold out !

Noise Transmission CD


A true underground electronics recording from 4 european projects ranging from death industrial to harsh noise and power electronics. with:

Mörder Machine feat. Atrax Morgue, Cazzodio, Irikarah, Rectal Surgery

dbcd01   CD

private orders: 12EUR/14.50USD postpaid. 
wholesale orders: 9EUR/11USD.

 Rectal Surgery - Nachblutung

Raw and violent noise ride which makes nuclear weapon testing sound comparatively mainstream. 

dbtp01 tape C90

sold out !

 Rectal Surgery / Nagasaki Fondue - RS vs. NF

Collaboration with canadian noisesters. 
Between ambient & ultraviolent sonic destruction. 

dbtp02 tape C60

sold out !

Rectal Surgery / Rabenhirn  - live at Noise Transmission I

Live recording (03rd May 1997 in Aachen, Germany)

dbtp03 tape C90

sold out ! 

 Rectal Surgery - Campari Connection

Live recording (6th Feb 1998 in Münster, Germany) 
The most electronic RS release... 

dbtp04 tape C60

sold out ! 

 hidden - I see you before I leave

Subambient nightmares.

dbtp06 tape C60

sold out ! 

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