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 Solistisches Kollektiv I.G. Maurer (GER)

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11th June 1999
@ Fabrik, Duisburg

This evening has almost ruined our nerves. The venue was still under "construction", the key to the PA storage room was unretrievable - none of the PA people was available neither. The bands travelled mostly by train... which was late a couple of hours of course. Rectal Surgery who where on the bill originally had to cancel because of "health reasons" (MC Bypass caught some misterious disease when playing in London the week before)... this leaded to the spontaneous founding of "Pfälzer Jügend" (50% Rectal Surgery, 50% Antimaterie). After numerous delays... everything turned out well. The "Solistisches Kollektiv I.G. Maurer" reached it's semi-cult-status through it's "Salt"-Performance (harsh noise unplugged) - and especially by shouting "Maul halten ! Kunst !!" (Shut the fuck up ! This is art !!).

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