Nocturnal Emissions (UK)
Death Squad (USA)
Orgiami Galaktika Vs. Manipura (NOR)
Fuck TV (USA)

23th October 1998
@ Fabrik, Duisburg

Originally Death Squad, Radiosonde and Chapter 23 were planned for this Festival. As a nice coincidence, Nigel Ayers (Nocturnal Emissions) was staying somewhere in Duisburg's underground at the time - so he was included into the lineup as a secret "special guest".
Chapter 23 had enough of Europe after a couple of gigs & went home, and was very adequatly replaced by the film "Fuck TV" - which was accompanied with live sound by Death Squad and Radiosonde. It was quite strange to us, that Michael9 packed 40kg of equipment on this tour - not an easy task to haul this load on european trains. Respect Mr. Death Squad ! (he did not only bring his sound generators but also a videobeamer & 2 video cameras - which he used to cut an exclusive video backing for each performance !).
Origami and Manipura were not on the lineup originally. 30 minutes before doors opened, Benny (Origami) and Jason (Manipura) showed up - they had their musical equipment on them "by pure coincidence"... and asked wether they too could play. Flexibility is everything, is'nt it ?

no live pictures this time... sorry we simply forgot to bring our cameras...

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