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Inox Kapell vs Auchtuer (Ger)
 Paranoise Terminal  (Ger)

Friday, 13th October 2000
 Fabrik, Grabenstr. 20, Duisburg, Germany
door : 20h admission : 15DM

Very sadly Telepherique cancelled the very same day due to health reasons.
This was quite disappointing for many of the audience as a lot of people travelled quite some distance to see them.

To the pleasure of all, Inox Kapell vs Auchtuer gave a hell of a show. Their journey from weird electronica to noise with odd beats plus their very interactive & entertaining "comedy" show made the evening a worthwhile experience.
Paranoise Terminal did a very tense ambient noise set which was highly acclaimed too.

Inox & Auchtuer

from left to right :
Auchtuer (vox, fx, eletronics, toys)
Toshi (bass, electronics)
Inox (voc, fx, electronics, toys)

Inox in action....

audience having their fun with wigs provided by Inox

Mrs. I.G. Maurer

 Paranoise Terminal

 Paranoise Terminal

 Paranoise Terminal during sound-check.
(in front you can see their contact-mic'd metal objects.)

There where quite a number of people who took pictures of this show, it would be great if you could do a scan & email me pics which you regard as worthwhile putting on this page....
Thanks to Carsten Stiller  for b/w Paranoise Terminal pics.

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