deafborn records presents

Sunday 16.10.2005
 + film projections by ARS MORTA UNIVERSUM 's video label FUCK TV

doors: 20h. concert starts: 21.00h. Tickets: 7€

venue: Kulturbunker, Köln-Mülheim, Berliner Str. 20

Note: originally, Einleitungszeit (CZ/SK) was supposed to play this night, bud had to cancel shortly before the show due to serious reasons.
Schloss Tegal was playing instead.

scroll down for directions to the venue

Schloss Tegal began out of discontent with the music scene in the early 1980-1991 and having personal contact with other avante garde music groups as Throbbing Gristle, SPK etc. who use technology and control as their model. Beginning with special experimental sporatic performances and aural assaults in various locations across the United States using unusual sound sources. The sound evolved from power electronic synthesis and crude sampling techniques and has progressed into the realm of intrisic recordings and sound used to create a realism of such degree that it acts on a subconsious level. This sound has been coined dark ambient by critics and reviewers but this is a narrow and limiting in Schloss Tegal's view of the scope of the music and the listener must go beyond mere terms and labels to define the music of Schloss Tegal .

More agressive sprout of SKROL and another integrated music project of the Czech composer Vladimir Hirsch. Existing since 1999, this project has achieved by its 3 official releases (Field Mass, Epidemia Vanitatis, Regions of Limen) immediately unique status in the international avantgarde electronics scene. Vladimir (composition, keyboards, samplers, drums, vocals, computer) and Tom Saivon (noise generators, samples, computer, lyrics) joined their creative efforts in this project, which is a kind of extrapolation and the combination of contemporary classical (Hirsch) and noise (Saivon) tendencies, which was eventually, through mutual infiltration by basic theses and antitheses, brought to life as a fully homogenous structure by both members of the group. Powerful and apocalyptic soundscapes, majestic and uncompromising, music that seeks the raison d´etre of existence and of the world, where we are forced to live,our premises, theorems, our impeachment and yearning for catharsis.
One of the first independent music organizations in the Eastern Europe, was formed 1995 to bring avantgarde electronic and industrial music and performance to the Czech Republic. During the 10 years of existence Ars Morta Universum evolved into promotional agency, video label, distribution and culture platform for sound and multimedia artists from all around the globe. The video label of AMU was founded 1999 and since then it released 13. official DVDs, tracing the most interesting cultural events and performances of the AMU associated artists.
Featured releases: ARM 001 SKROL – What the eye have seen have not seen - 1999; ARM 002 EINLEITUNGSZEIT – Schrei des Feuers - 2000; ARS 003 Hermafrodit 2001, ARM 004 JOB KARMA – Oscillation Ritual – 2001; ARM 005 SCHLOSS TEGAL – Blind Fault Upheaval - 2002; ARM 006 VO.I.D – A.O.G. video – 2000/2005; ARM 007 EINLEITUNGSZEIT – Hirnlärm - 2001; ARM 008 EINLEITUNGSZEIT w. SANGREDANS – IM.NoAuranoise1 - 2002; ARM 009 SCHLOSS TEGAL – Terra Insanum - 2002; ARM 010 DAMIAN CATERA – Live in Rostock - 2002; ARM 011 PRAGUE INDUSTRIAL FESTIVAL – 2003; ARM 012 NAPALMED – Impronoisemont. – 2003


by car:
Take the Autobahn A3 exit "Köln-Mülheim". You will drive underneath a bridge, and then you'll arrive at a traffic light / T-crossing. Turn left onto "Clevischer Ring".

Berliner Str. Is the 2nd street on the left – you just can't turn left at this point. Drive ca. 70M straight on, then do a U-turn on Clevischer Ring. After 70M back again, turn right into Berliner Str.

The bunker is about 50m on the right. Parking is available in front of the bunker.

by train:
travel until station "Köln-Mülheim". Take Bus152 until "Von Sparr-Str" or Straßenbahn 18 until Wiener Platz and then subway U4 until "Von Sparr-Straße".
From the station, walk left into a small alley between houses. You'll pass by a Plus-Supermarket and then you'll see the bunker on the left shortly after.


Mit dem Auto:
Autobahn A3 - Abfahrt: Köln-Mülheim, unter der Unterführung durch und am Ende der Straße links auf "Clevischer Ring". Die "Berliner Str." ist die 2te Straße auf der linken Seite. Leider kann man hier nicht links abbiegen, also noch weiter ca. 70m geradeaus fahren und einen U-turn auf dem "Clevischer Ring" durchführen. Die ~70m wieder zurückfahren und rechts in die "Berliner Straße".
Ca. 50m weiter liegt der Bunker auf der rechten Seite. Parkplätze befinden sich direkt vor der Tür.

Mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln:
aus Köln:  mit U 13, 17, 18 und 19 bis "Wiener Platz". Ab Wiener Platz in die U4 oder mit dem Bus 152 bis "Von Sparr-Straße".
Von der U-Bahn - Haltestelle aus gleich links bis ihr an einen Durchgang zwischen den Häusern kommt. Am Plus- Markt vorbei und ihr seid schon am Bunker.

von außerhalb Köln:
Mit S 6, S 11 oder per RE bis Bahnhof "Köln-Mülheim". Von dort aus fährt Bus152 zur "Von Sparr-Str" oder: Straßenbahn 18 bis Wiener Platz und ab dort s.o.