History of Concerts

Besides releasing music in this field, deafborn records organises noise / industrial shows in Germany.

 Noise Transmission
Noise Transmission is deafborn's yearly main festival for for industrial, noise, electronic and experimental music. The festival is an uncommercial and uncompromising platform for this underated music styles. Bands playing are mostly yet to be known or just recently established talents in the noise / industrial scene. Follow  this link for the Noise Transmission info page.

Collaborative Concerts

deafborn records organises shows in collaboration with  Human Suffering Index and  ASEKK

history :

16 October 2005  Schloss Tegal, Agiatrias

14 April 2005 Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg, Robert Schalinski

09 April 2004  mk9

04 Juli 2003  Murmer

 09 October 2002 mk9, Scott Arford, Randy H.Y. Yau

 08. June 2002 Panixville, Metalux, Solistisches Kollektiv I.G. Maurer

 01. December 2001 Monster DVD, Modulator

 07. July 2001  hidden, Solistisches Kollektiv I.G. Maurer

 06. January 2001  Noisegate, Hermit, G.Las, Spherical Disrupted

 17. December 2000  MSBR, Mr. Natural

 13. October 2000  Inox Kapell vs. Auchtuer, Paranoise Terminal

 29. June 2000  Smyglyssna, M. Stavöstrand, hidden technology

 01. April 2000  Death Squad, Quell, Bär & Co.

 12. September 1999   MSBR, Princess Dragon Mom

 11. May 1999  Schloss Tegal, VO.I.D., Pfälzer Jugend, Solistisches Kollektiv I.G. Maurer

 23. October 1998  Nocturnal Emissions, Death Squad, Radiosonde, Origami Vs. Manipura, Fuck TV